HAVING FUN WITH TRANSLATORS / Prekladatelia na veselú nôtu


A missionary goes to Africa to visit a community, a very old, primitive tribal community. He gives a long sermon. For half an hour he tells a long anecdote, and then the interpreter stands up. He speaks only four words and everyone laughs uproariously.

The missionary is puzzled. How is it possible that a story half an hour long can be translated in four words. What kind of amazing language is this? Puzzled, he says to the interpreter, „You have done a miracle. You have spoken only four words. I don’t know what you said, but how can you translate my story, which was so long, into only four words?

The interpreter says, „Story too long, so I say, ‚He says joke — laugh!‘

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ENGLISH CLASS JOKES / Anglické školské vtipy

The teacher is asking a geography question:
– Mary, where is the English Channel?
– I don’t know. We can’t get it on our TV.
(English Channel = Lamanšský prieliv)

The teacher asked a student, „John, name two pronouns.“
John, who suddenly woke up, said, „Who, me?“

The teacher said, „Today we will review our tenses. Now, if I say  ‚I am beautiful‘, what tense is it?“
A student replied, „Obviously the past tense.“

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